Below are the basic rules and guidelines for competing in the North American Racing League. All members must follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the iRacing Sporting Code. This league will uphold rules supported in this document. Rules are subject to change.

General Conduct

  • Bad conduct from league members will be unacceptable.
  • No derogatory statements, name calling, insults, inappropriate language, racism, harassment, or any other actions that would be considered not appropriate.
  • Drivers Chat is NOT allowed while qualifying or racing. 

Driving Standards

Stewards will be reviewing any protest made by other drivers during any league session.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for intentional wrecking. Intentional Wrecking is automatic removal from championship and League completely.

Minor Incidents

  • Light contact (contacted car did not lose position)
  • Unsafe Rejoin (not contacting another car)
  • Unavoidable Contact (another car loses control)

Major Incidents

  • Contact (causing another car to lose position)
  • Contact (causing major damage to another car)
  • Contact (causing another car to be towed)
  • Unsafe Rejoin (contacting another car)


Minor Incidents:  Steward Options

  1. Warning
  2. Point Deduction
  3. Pit Lane start on next race

Major Incidents: Steward Options

  1. Warning plus Point Deduction
  2. Warning plus Pit Lane Start
  3. Removed from league championship.


Protests must be summitted within 48 hours of race start time.

NOTE: It’s your responsibility to save replay in case one is not on file