Code of Conduct

Below are the basic rules and guidelines for competing in the North American Racing League. All members must follow the rules and guidelines set forth by the iRacing Sporting Code. This league will uphold rules supported in this document. Rules are subject to change or modification.

General Conduct

  • Misconduct and unsportsmanlike behavior from league members will be unacceptable.
  • North American Racing League and the Independent Panel of Stewards reserves the right to remove a league member at any point without notice or refund
  • No derogatory statements, name calling, insults, inappropriate language, racism, harassment.
  • Driver Voice & Text Chat is NOT allowed during qualifying and race sessions

Driving standards

  • iRacing Sporting Code is always in effect
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy for intentional wrecking. Intentional wrecking is an automatic removal from the championship and league.
  • Drivers must user their best judgement to safely rejoin the racing line following an incident. Contact made or caused due to an unsafe rejoin is strictly prohibited.

Grass Dipping

  • Not allowed during Qualifying or Race sessions
  • This includes but is not limited cooling tires from running over grass without trying to correct back onto circuit.
  • First Offense: Disqualification from race results
  • Second Offense: Exclusion from the season or league

Qualifying Scrutiny

  • Qualifying scrutiny has been set to strict for all leagues.
  • Drivers may not use any technique that allows tire pressures and temperatures to be raised unnaturally.
  • This includes but is not limited to brake dragging, weaving, repetitively accelerating and then braking hard, intentionally spinning tires or use of any sort of brake magic.
  • First Offense: Disqualification from race results
  • Second Offense: Exclusion from the season

Blue Flags

Drivers are reminded the iRacing Sporting Code is in effect and states the following regarding Blue Flags. Not following these guidelines is grounds for a protest.

In all cases, it is the responsibility of the faster car to safely overtake the slower car. It is the responsibility of the slower car to maintain a consistent line. It is strongly recommended that a slower car being lapped makes every reasonable effort to facilitate a safe pass

Stewarding & Penalties

After the protest period has ended, stewards will review all submitted protests and apply penalties as necessary. The steward’s decisions are kept private and between drivers involved.  The following is general guidance over what would be considered Minor or Major Incidents as well as the Penalties they may carry.

Protests must be submitted within 48 Hours following an event’s race start time.

It is the protesting driver to retain a replay of the incident should the stewards require it.

Minor Incidents

  • Light Contact – contacted car did not lose position
  • Unsafe Rejoin – not contacting another car
  • Unavoidable Contact – another car loses control

Major Incidents

  • Contact – causing another car to lose position
  • Contact – causing major damage to another car
  • Contact – causing another car to be towed
  • Unsafe Rejoin – contacting another car

Multiple Major Incidents could be grounds for removal of series or league without entry fee refund. Your acknowledgement of this will be on terms of series registration.

Minor Penalties

  • Warning
  • Point Deduction
  • No Qualifying & Pit Lane Start for Next Attended Race

Major Penalties

  • Warning
  • Warning Plus Point Deduction
  • Warning Plus No Qualifying & Pit Lane Start for Next Attended Race
  • Removed from League Championship
Any driver found to have caused a Major Incident could be subject to forfeit of any Cash Prizes for that race.