How To Enter

If purchase for entry is required; payments will be made to North American Racing League through website listed above.

Your iRacing and team details will be required during the online registration process. If you are not part of a team, you can list yourself as a privateer driver and still participate in the overall driver’s championship.

Pro and Amateur status will be assigned by NARL after all participants have completed registration for the season. NARL can adjust Pro or Amateur status at any point during the season.

Teams will be given up to 3 driver slots and score the best 2 driver points per each race. Teams will be given Pro or Amateur status after all participants have registered for the season. Drivers will only be scored for the team they originally registered with. Driver swaps between teams are only allowed prior to the 1st race of the season.

Entries will be capped to a set number of drivers per season. NARL can add drivers beyond set number entered if at any point during the season participation falls below designated cap.

NARL can refuse any driver from entry. A refund will be given if funds have been paid during registration process.