Porsche Cup Season 2 - AMATEUR

Presented by

Setups Provided by Virtual Racing School — Paschalis Gkergkis

Broadcast Provided by PitStop TV

Prizes & Giveaways provided by Moradness

Prizes & Giveaways provided by Race Lab App

Hosting provided by JS Software Consulting

Decals and liveries provided by Tam Liveries


Session Opens at 7:45 PM EST 

8:45 PM EST Qualifying (10 minutes / 3 laps)

8:55 PM EST (30 minutes / standing start)

Week Date Track Broadcast
16 June 2022
Okayama - Noon
23 June 2022
Circuit of the Americas - Late Afternoon
7 July 2022
Phillip Island - Sunrise
14 July 2022
Silverstone - Noon
21 July 2022
Montreal - Morning
28 July 2022
Indy Road Course - Afternoon
4 August 2022
Suzuka - Morning
11 August 2022
Bathurst - Late Afternoon

League Information

  • North American Racing League Rules of Conduct in effect
  • Top 3 Championship drivers will be invited to the Pro league the following season
  • One Division: Amateur
  • iRating Minimum: 1000
  • iRating Maximum: 2299
  • North American Racing League Rules of Conduct in effect.
  • Note: Must not have had iRating above maximum (2299) in past 7 months
  • Note: If you are near or fluctuate above/below the cap, league officials will use lap time and race performance and place you in the appropriate league and/or division
  • Registration Fee: $35

Race Format

  • Classes: Amateur (based on iRating & Performance)
  • Car: Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992)
  • Car Settings: 80% fuel capacity, Fixed Setup Provided By Virtual Racing School’s Paschalis Gkergkis
  • Weather: Dynamic Weather, Track Usage at 60% (Carries Over), Marble Cleaning
  • Sim Date to match race date

Scoring Points

Points are awarded to each driver’s overall position.

First place is awarded 50 points. Second place is awarded 48 points and each subsequent place is awarded one less point. The Top Qualifier and anyone with a 0x receive an additional 2 points.

Each driver’s lowest scoring race is dropped before final points calculations.

Team Points are calculated on the best 2 points positions. If any penalties are received, they will be included in the team’s overall score. Ties are decided by the drop race. You must finish 50% of the race distance to be eligible for points.

Per Race Prize List

Position Prize

Top Qualifier: $15

Championship Prize List

Position Prize


Registration is currently closed. Please join the NARL Discord below to join the waitlist and read the latest league updates.